Yesterday morning when I was having my breakfast, something suddenly came out of my mouth.

It was one of my molers.

First I thought it was something I was eating, then I realized it wasn't because it was so hard and metalic.

Yes, that moler was coated with metal and had glittering looks.

Oh my gosh! My tooth just came out! What should I do?!

I got so upset but the dental clinic wouldn't be open till 9:30 AM.

So tried to calm down and waited until they open.

When I called the dental clinic, the staff asked me if I feel pain or not. So I said I didn't feel any pain at all.
Then she said it's OK to wait until my next official appointment next week, which will be a week from today.

I felt so relieved.

One reason I felt good about it is because I simply dislike spending time at a dental clinic; it's just so uncomfortable, even though there isn't much pain during the treatment nowadays.
So if I can postpone it, it'll be just great for me.

Another reason is because I feel no pain around my inflamed gums any more; It has been annoying me lately.Everytime I ate something my gums around that moler often gave me a pain in both physical and mental ways.

So I spent an entire day with one less moler yesterday and it wasn't so bad.

Of course, some pieces of food get stuck in the big empty space in the back part of my mouth but I can easily rinse it off with water or some liquid.

And if I brush my teeth right after every meal or every snack, it gets cleaned and it is harmless at all.

It's actually comfortable to live without that painful moler.

Of course I will follow my dentist advice and get a proper dental treatment when the time comes.

However, please just let me enjoy this  short pain-less life for at least one week now.


I felt like being theTerminator when I looked at my fallen tooth.

Hasta la Dentista, Baby!